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Our Story

In the past few years I have become increasingly concerned over humanity’s consumption habit’s impact on the environment. The use of plastics was especially worrying. I was concerned at the amount of single-use plastics in our food packing. I see the amount of children’s toys that are made from plastic, and worry that those toys would simply be thrown away when broken. I see the amount of everyday household products that are made from plastic that are thrown away then they are no longer needed. 

I have young children; I felt that I owe it to them to reduce our impact on the environment. 

It was those concerns that motivated me to create Common Value; to share with people practical and everyday products that are sustainable, more environmental friendly, and that use as little plastics as possible. 

I am locally based in Kew East and I also hope that I can assist our local community in developing a more sustainable way of living. 

Anne-Marie Bonneau said it best when she said: “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. I hope that Common Value can help in your journey in reducing your waste and protecting our environment, a value that is common to us all.